Wind Solution

Reduce operational costs and increase revenue using autonomous drones

Moving your park to preemptive maintenance

One drone, working 24/7, fully autonomous, is the key to substantial cost reduction and an increase in the parks revenue.

On and off shore wind parks have many maintenance challenges which can be addressed with new, cost-effective and accurate technologies. Percepto developed an on-site, fully autonomous and multi task drone solution that comes to assist with these main challenges.

Continuous blade inspection

Using vision technology, the drone is able to safely navigate and inspect all 3 blades in just a few minutes. The drone has the ability to navigate and work on several WTGs by having a pre-set flight plan. The data is always saved, logged, analyzed and compared to the last blade entry, helping the park shift from reactive maintenance to preemptive maintenance.

Securing the park

The drone is able to alert and address suspicious movements by immediately flying to the scene, actively detecting and tracking moving objects, all while streaming live video and target locations to the operator in the control room.

Power curve logging, measurement and correction

By using a number of on-board sensors and an ongoing connection to the WTGs data, the drone is able to identify gaps in the power curve, and in some cases tactically offer yaw corrections to increase the productivity of the WTG. This is done with no need for hardware on the WTG and is at a fraction of the cost compared to current solutions.