We build autonomous drone solutions for inspection & surveillance

Drones hold the potential to disrupt multi-billion dollar industries including energy, security, insurance, agriculture and more. Drones completely change the way inspection, measurement, surveillance and deliveries are done today. Still, the main barrier of making them a must-have platform is the ability of drones to perform tasks autonomously.

Imagine power line inspections, gas pipe inspections, and radiation measurements all done by drones. Moreover, imagine a fleet of drones serving as a search and rescue team - all crucial tasks in large markets. When these tasks require 1-2 operators to pilot each drone, the applications remain the same as they have been until today - limited. Drones must perform their missions without any human intervention in order to become solutions that are truly disruptive.

We believe that only a drone solution in which the drones are physically on site, performing a number of diverse tasks, while being operated remotely through a cloud software will disrupt traditional industries. Our technologies and solutions enable exactly that.