Future of drones

Tommorow is created by what we do today

For drones to fulfil their potential, we need them to operate and be autonomous in unsupervised environments. Drones will be able to change our lives only if we teach them to react to their surroundings and deal with the unexpected.

Percepto is committed to harness cutting edge technologies and give drones the intelligence they require for completing complicated tasks without human interference.

Computer vision

As important as eyesight is for pilots, we consider computer vision a primary input to the array of considerations when controlling a drone. The ability to observe a scene, understand it and make a decision accordingly is at the core of our work. Object detection and tracking, classifying, recognizing anomalies, extracting depth and understanding relative locations are all actions we humans take for granted, and now computers are bridging the gap.

Sensor fusion

More often than not, using the right combination of sensors for the job is most of the solution. To make drones more useful and enhance their capabilities, we always seek the aid of the right array of sensors which compensate each other in order to provide the best solution.

Machine learning

With the ever increasing flow of data, machine learning algorithms allow us to optimally use images and sensory data, while getting better at understanding the data and making better decisions accordingly. Recent advancements in artificial neural networks and deep learning enables an even brighter future, as we are able to use massive amounts of data to achieve state of the art performance.


NVIDIA ®A technology partner

We chose NVIDIA ® as the provider of our core computing power and as a technology partner that is committed to the field of machine learning, computer vision, and creating smarter, better robots.

Cloud managementAlways connected to your drone

Once drones are deployed, our cloud management software provides mission reports, live videos and analytics results, as well as a high level site view making drone management an easy task, achievable from the office, home, or anywhere else.