Solar park Solution

Managing your solar park with one smart drone

Getting more from your solar park

One drone that protects, inspects and services your solar park, 24/7

Solar parks have many maintenance and security challenges that have to do with the large number of solar panels and the size of the park.

The security challenges make it not only difficult but also costly to protect the park, and with a massive number of panels, reaching the maximum energy efficiency becomes an impossible mission.

Percepto's drone solution is a multitask platform that knows how to protect and inspect solar parks. The drone can fly to any security alert locations, tracking suspicious activities, while streaming live videos to the operator.

When the drone is not jumping to security alerts, it can inspect and identify hot spots on panels with a thermal camera. In addition, the drone identifies panels with shading effects and is constantly reporting on panels that need maintenance attention. All this and more makes the drone an ideal platform which helps solar parks to become safer and generate more income.

Perimeter Security

The drone is able to autonomously fly to any perimeter alert, identify any activity near the facility and track a specific suspect until security reaches the location. All of this while continuously streaming a live video and the location of the event to the operator.

HotSpots Inspection

Using a thermal camera, the drone autonomously collects thermal images and analyzes them to identify defective solar panels. The drone can then use a day camera to inspect panels for cracks or any other visual indications of damage. All of this is done without any human interference and reported back on an ongoing basis.

Shading Identification

The drone identifies solar panels that are shaded due to vegetation. The drone can then automatically report the shading with exact location and visual support assisting maintenance to address the issue faster.