Perimeter Security

The fastest, smartest most persistent guard you'll ever have

Changing the way perimeter security is done

On-going patrols, autonomous detection and suspect tracking, smoke and gas sensors, all on one drone platform working 24/7

Percepto offers the first fully autonomous drone solution for securing infrastructure facilities. Our drone solution uses cutting edge vision technologies to conduct several tasks including fence patrols, suspect detection and tracking, detection of smoke, fire, gas leaks, etc. All tasks are done autonomously and with no need for a pilot, 24/7, day and night.

First responder to security alert

Flies to any waypoint in seconds, visually detects humans and tracks them, leading security personnel to suspects in real-time while streaming live video and location to operators in the control room.

Perimeter patrol

Flies a pre-defined route to identify suspicious activities near the facility perimeter. The drone is able to continuously search for moving objects while on patrol, alert and stream live videos in case of suspicious movements detection.

Detecting gas leaks and fires

By having multiple sensors on board the platform, the drone is able to search and identify concentration of different kinds of gas and smoke. The drone reports these findings in real time and alerts the operator on the type of gas, location and sends videos from the location. In addition to that, the drone is able to detect fires using its thermal camera. These application help detect leaks and fires faster and safer.