Development Kit

Percepto's Development Kit

Your first stepping stone towards a smarter, autonomous drone

PerceptoCore is designed to seamlessly connect to a drone’s flight controller, and offers a wide array of connectivity options for a highly flexible development experience.
Our SDK provides an open source framework for building drone applications, cutting development time significantly.
Together, it is the ideal package for your drone applications which require high computational performance, flexible connectivity in a low profile, low power package.

Single board computer

With fully featured linux based OS.

Powerful & mobile

A perfect combination of high computing performance and low power consumption.

Open SDK

Simple integration to a variety of UAV’s & external sensors.

Embedded computer vision

Tegra accelerated OpenCV and performance primitives.

Percepto vision ready

Supports proprietary computer vision algorithms.

Hardware safety layer

For dual pilot & computer control.

Changeable hardware extensions

For adding connectivity & more UAV accessories.

Small form factor

72 x 70 mm


Capabilities we and our partners created

Search & track

For different missions involving drones that need to look for people autonomously - search & rescue, filming, security or others.

Agile tracking

Tracks humans in high velocities. For autonomous sports filming applications from close ranges.

Precise landing

Use our pattern on your landing pad to get your drone to land with centimeters accuracy (drone dependant).

Search & inspect

Identify an object and then navigate around it. Mainly used for inspecting infrastructure.

Hardware Specification

Percepto’s innovative module enables real-time, onboard computer vision abilities for consumer & commercial drones. Packing an NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 power efficient high-end processor, PerceptoCore is an extremely powerful linux computer that enables computer vision computations to be performed on the fly. The lightweight module weighs less than 50 grams and is built for compatibility with most commercial and consumer drones.

Processor NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 SoC (quad-core ARM® CortexTM-A15 CPU, KeplerTM GPU with 192 CUDA® cores)
Operating System Ubuntu
Memory 2GB DDR3L 933MHz
Storage 16GB fast eMMC
microSD card slot
Input/Output ports HDMI
2xUSB 3.0
Sensors 3-Axis gyroscope
3-Axis accelerometer
3-Axis magnetometer
Power consumption 1.5W to 5W normal use
15W intensive use
Dimensions 3” x 2.75” x 0.5”
Weight < 50 grams

Evaluation Kit Content

PerceptoCore v1.4

Power & connectivity wire pack

2 hours of personal support to get you started

Optional hardware extension with 2 PCIe card slots, 1 Nano Sim slot (for LTE, WiFi connectivity)

Optional drone mount casing